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Deerhunter Deer Winter Trousers

Deerhunter Deer Winter Trousers - Peat

Deerhunter Deer Winter Trousers

SKU: 3190


    Wearing the correct clothes is the most important thing when hunting in winter. If you become wet and/or cold, your day is over. It is absolutely essential to wear safe winter clothing such as the Deer winter jacket, along with these winter trousers that come with Deer-Tex® Temp insulation to keep the cold out and the heat in. These trousers come with a Deer-Tex® membrane to ensure breathability and comfort.

    • Adjustable waist with elastic and velcro
    • Adjustable elastic braces
    • Two front pockets with water-repellent zipper
    • Back pocket with water-repellent zipper
    • Thigh pocket with water-repellent zipper
    • Pre-shaped knees
    • Zipper on the inside of the thigh for ventilation
    • Long zip on the outside of the leg
    • Mesh lining inside and water-repellent lining at the bottom part
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