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PIOPIO 70 Incubator

PIOPIO 70 D / PIOPIO 70 DU - Capacity: 70 Hen/Duck Eggs, 96 Pheasant, 126 Partridge.

PIOPIO 70 Incubator

PriceFrom £307.15
  • PIOPIO 70 D -  Capacity: 70 Hen/Duck Eggs, 96 Pheasant, 126 Partridge. Digital Probe, Temperature Control & Humidity Reading

    PIOPIO 70 DU - As above plus Automatic Humidifier 


    Dynamic heat distribution by fan Rigid white PVC heat insulating cabin and perfectly transparent plexiglass bayonet door Automatic egg turning, with a drawer and mesh bottom that facilitates the rotation of eggs and the hatching phase. Micro-computer PID controller (T-based version), temperature control only with minimal and maximum alarms Manual humidity regulation through trays already integrated into the structure of the machine, the water is collected from the outside without the need to open the door To increase the water supply, a support kit is provided with a special valve cap, which adapts to any plastic water bottle (bottle not included). 164 watt power and 41 watt/hour average power Vac voltage 230+10/-15% HZ. 50±0.5%.


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